Diary of a Home Office Makeover: Completion

Apartment Home office makeover creative workspace desk The Decor Guru My goal in this makeover was to give my office a cohesive look and a peaceful vibe. When I first decorated this room, my MO was truly just to "make it work" and make it feel happy. While I was successful in that mission, my office still didn't feel great. And why settle for just good when you can be great? Continue reading to check out the before & afters... plus all the details that now make my office a calm place in which I can be productive!

A cohesive look meant simplifying the colors and decor. Originally, I used teal/turquoise, light blue, gold, white, and black to decorate my office. This time, I limited the palette to mostly white, some teal/turquoise, and mixed metallics.

I still used an eclectic mix of decor: modern, Baroque, vintage, organic. But in simplifying the color scheme, this mix flowed better than previously.

The other aspect, creating a peaceful space, required much more work. In this process, I had to learn (again) how to let go. A major purging occurred, which you can read more about in part one of my office makeover. The items I did keep were all placed in white storage containers.

This makeover also resulted in me creating a new makeover process: function first, decor second. This new process helped me pull through the final leg of my makeover with so much less stress. You can read more about that in part two of my makeover.

Without further ado, the before & after photos…

Apartment Home office creative workspace makeover before and after The Decor Guru

This is where I spend 40 hours a week, working from home. Moving the desk here creates a cozy area that helps me concentrate better.

Apartment Home office creative workspace makeover before and after The Decor Guru

Expedit shelves rock for storage.

Apartment Home office creative workspace makeover before and after The Decor Guru

Apartment Home office creative workspace makeover before and after The Decor Guru

This is now the space for my other desk and creative workspace.

Now, the details…

For my work-at-home area, the feeling of balance and peace comes from the all-white storage and hiding my CPU and modem on a shelf behind the monitor. (I’m not a fan of seeing lots of electronics & equipment in a room.) Houseplants also bring some harmony in this space.

Apartment Home office makeover closet desk The Decor Guru vintage tanker desk teal

My work-at-home space also received a new desk chair. I bought a couple of dining chairs from a local consignment shop, painted one with chalk paint, added some distressing, and changed the fabric. No more ugly, black office chair!

Apartment Home office makeover closet desk The Decor Guru vintage tanker desk teal chair chalk paint makeover

Moving clockwise in the room sits another storage area, my Expedit bookshelves and tool collection.

Apartment Home office makeover Expedit storage tool pegboard The Decor Guru

I previously stored all my tools in the laundry room downstairs and found myself transporting these supplies often between rooms. Solution: move the tools into my office and make them pretty. I gave the tools a makeover with gold spraypaint and hung them on a steel pegboard.

Apartment Home office makeover glam gold tools pegboard The Decor Guru

Another houseplant that graces my office: a ponytail palm (AKA elephant’s foot). It reminds me of the days I had wild and long curly hair.

Apartment Home office makeover elephant foot ponytail palm houseplant The Decor Guru

Along the next wall, I strung all my paper lanterns together, creating one bright source of light. The ironing board doubles as surface space when working on a project. To decorate this wall, I painted a simple abstract piece with watered down craft paint.

Apartment Home office makeover sewing area ironing board The Decor Guru

If you get close you will see I actually painted over a mosaic. I took an old mosaic wall art project and painted many layers of white paint over it to create a blank canvas. The tiles add a subtle amount of texture.

Apartment Home office makeover abstract mosaic watercolor art The Decor Guru

The next wall houses my other workspace. This is my space for creating, blogging, and where I will one day do homework (another reason this makeover had to be great!).

This desk was previously painted the same teal as my tanker desk. I made it over with white chalk paint, gold distressing, and legs spraypainted gold. The symmetry of this area contributes greatly to a sense of calm and balance.

Apartment Home office makeover creative workspace desk The Decor Guru

Above the desk is another makeover, my DIY dry erase board. This is what it first looked like, in all its Home Interiors glory:

DIY Gold Baroque frame for dry erase board in apartment home office makeover by The Decor Guru

This wood letter tray also received an easy makeover with some whitewashing and holds some of my art supplies:

Apartment Home office makeover creative workspace desk whitewashed wood letter tray The Decor Guru

I’m not just glad to be done with this makeover, but also find myself happy to be in this room. It’s important to have a room you feel great in, even if it’s a workspace. Getting rid of lots of unnecessary items and brightening the space with lots of white has really helped this room feel calm.

Next up on the to-do list: finally creating a dining area in my living room!

Do you have a home office? If so, is your office strictly for function or have you decorated it to your liking?
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6 Comments on Diary of a Home Office Makeover: Completion

  1. Marty@A Stroll Thru Life // 09/23/2014 at 11:51 AM // Reply

    Oh wow, I love it. So organized and so pretty. I think I would be there all day. Thanks tons for linking to Inspire Me.

  2. I love it all! I wish I could figure out what I want to do with my office since I am trying to spend more time in there instead of dragging everything all over the house. I did recover my chair today at least, which I will post soon.

    • Yep, that’s why I got a 2-BR apartment, so I could do all that crafty stuff in one place. Although, it doesn’t always happen that way. Thanks for commenting and stopping through!

  3. What a beautiful space you have created for yourself. Thanks for sharing.

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