Decorating with Ironing Boards

A few weeks ago, I was weighing options of shelves for my living room makeover, browsing stores to see what I could find. I really wanted something unique and decorative... not plain and generic like the ready-to-assemble bookshelves you can get at a big box store. And that is when the decor gods smiled upon me and blessed me with a vintage wood ironing board. I scored this at a consignment store, which has become my preferred option for quality, secondhand goods.

Currently, I’m painting it with white chalk paint and distressing it a bit (not a lot). Sadly, I did not take a before picture, but it is pretty standard and looks like the ones featured below.

I couldn’t keep the board in its wood state because the room would feel imbalanced. The paint treatment will be a tad shabby chic but this will work with my natural, earthy makeover vibe. Plus, there are plenty other modern items in the room to offset it.

While it only provides one shelf for storage, I mostly just needed storage for my books. For inspiration on how to style the ironing board, I did a quick search on the web. These are some lovely examples that span the range of decorating styles:


Have you ever used an ironing board for another use? Do you own a unique bookshelf? Do you also fight tooth & nail to have unique items in your decor?

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2 Comments on Decorating with Ironing Boards

  1. Would never have thought of an ironing board. Have never even seen a vintage one until now. And I must say I am absolutely smitten! What a great find!

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