Dining Room Makeover on a Wee Budget

Decorating my dining room only took about a year. That's normal, right? With the exception of my last apartment, I've never had a space carved out for dining. I was perfectly happy camped out at the coffee table with my meal, watching TV. This is probably why it took so long to truly decorate this portion of my current apartment. Ahh, the comfort of familiarity... Once I tackled the rooms I used more often--my office and bedroom--I knew I had to get back to the dining room. Finally, I can finally reveal this new and improved space and enjoy it like it should be. Continue reading to see what tips I used to create a dining room in an open floorplan and how I did this on a very limited budget. Apartment Dining room budget makeover open floorplan aqua Opal Silk teal white gray silver mod Scandinavian natural casual gallery wall linen The Decor Guru

Technically, I did some half-assed decorating of my dining area when I first moved in. I tried a few versions of wall art that just didn’t work. I came to realize the round table didn’t work either. Feeling lost, I took a hiatus from my dining room decorating mission.

When I jumped back into the project, I brainstormed ways I could make the dining area feel less sterile and complementary to my living area. Originally, I was going to add the same colors in this space with accessories and wall art. However, this still left the space feeling disjointed.

That’s when I decided to paint the walls the same aqua in the living room, Opal Silk by Behr. And so the L-shaped living room accent wall was no more. Behold the difference this color made:

Dining room budget makeover before after desk table open floorplan aqua Opal Silk teal white gray silver mod Scandinavian natural casual gallery wall linen The Decor GuruThis was the cheapest and easiest change to join these two spaces together. I love feeling enveloped in this color. It feels heavenly and yet it also perks up the space.

I still created a small gallery wall. Since I had other plans for wall art in the living room, I used several of the same pieces in my previous living room gallery wall. To camouflage the oddly placed thermostat and smoke detector, I made them part of the gallery wall. They’re much less noticeable now that they’re part of an ensemble.

Eclectic gallery wall aqua white Opal Silk gray silver dining room budget makeover hide conceal smoke detector thermostat watercolor art Angela ConleyThe Decor Guru

Another way I distinguished this area from the living room was with a pendant lamp. Hanging a pendant lamp over your dining area is a great way to anchor the space in an open floorplan. My inspiration was to create a DIY version of this pendant:

Instead, I changed up the plan so the lampshade wouldn’t make the space feel too busy. I still wanted to add silver and texture with the lampshade, but instead wrapped some silvery yarn around it. This yarn, Patons Metallic in Platinum, is so soft and doesn’t look or feel like your typical yarn. I used just over one skein on this IKEA NYMÖ/HEMMA pendant lamp.

DIY metallic gray silver yarn Patons wrapped lampshade pendant dining room budget makeover The Decor Guru

Texture always has a major role in my playbook, so I used this in multiple places throughout the dining area. To give the space some formality, I chose a simple linen-look tablecloth from Target. I embellished the edges with a tiny pom-pom trim for interest.

Linen look tablecloth with pom pom trim dining room budget makeover desk table aqua Opal Silk teal white gray silver The Decor Guru

The table is actually an IKEA desk, made with the ADILS/LINNMON components. When you’re on a tight budget, this desk is a fantastic alternative to a dining table. It’s not big but is just right for two people. Someday in the future, I may spring for a larger table.

More texture was added with plants and natural accessories. Through the wall pass-through into the kitchen, I placed several houseplants. I love how they add to the earthy, natural vibe.

Kitchen wall pass through houseplants ZZ wood candle holder votive ceramic origami swan chopstick holder decor budget dining room makeover The Decor Guru

For the glass arrangements, I placed river rocks on top of the soil to make the plants more aesthetic.  I chose plants that require little water since there is no drainage. Especially the succulent in the Mason jar– it’s actually fake! I employed some of my fave tips to decorating with artificial plants with this arrangement.

Kitchen wall pass through houseplants snake plant succulent burro's tail artificial fake plant decor glass vases Mason jar planter river rocks dining room makeover The Decor Guru

Even after adding a huge dose of color to the walls, I still wanted more. So I sewed up my easy envelope covers for pillows on the chairs. I used fabric in a peppy, mod print that coordinates with the entire room makeover.

DIY sew envelope pillow covers teal Keepsake Calico Joann bud tonal turquoise fabric budget dining room makeover The Decor Guru

All in all, I spent about $100 on this makeover. I was able to save money on things I already had, like the wall art, chairs, and pillows. The expense came from the “table,” tablecloth, yarn, lamp, one of the houseplants, paint, and fabric. Not too shabby for a wee budget.

It’s so nice to have a beautiful space to eat now. A dining area makes eating a more authentic and enjoyable experience, which is especially needed during my weight loss journey. Stay tuned for more as I complete my living room makeover!

Dining room budget makeover open floorplan aqua Opal Silk teal white gray silver mod Scandinavian natural casual gallery wall linen The Decor Guru

Have you put off decorating a room in your home? Do you have a formal dining area that you use often? Have you decorated in with unique items?

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8 Comments on Dining Room Makeover on a Wee Budget

  1. This is great! You made $100 go a long way in this room! I need a master bedroom makeover… it is totally the one room in the house that gets ignored time and time again! I think a few little changes in there could make a huge difference. Thanks for sharing!!

    • I understand that feeling about the bedroom. It’s easy to postpone decorating it when most the time you spend there is with your eyes closed! Thanks for commenting!

  2. I love the wall color and wouldn’t have thought of it for an eating area.

  3. Carrie From Carrie This Home // 11/28/2014 at 2:03 PM // Reply

    You did such a great job making use of the space you had. I think my favorite part is the pendant lamp–it really does give that area it’s own identity. Now I just need to find or make one like that for my office!
    Thanks for sharing this at Frugal Crafty Home Blog Hop!

  4. Loving that makeover! I love when color is added to rooms. I must admit that I rarely do gallery walls, but after looking at this one, I might have to try it. I’m definitely a girl that believes in DIY, especially for the home….

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