The Ten Commandments for a Happy Home

Ten Commandments For a Happy Home The Decor Guru

The last two years, I’ve made creative resolutions for the new year. But this year, I’m just not feeling it. It’s not that I’ve become jaded. I just feel like life is such a constant process, a constant resolution.

Instead, I’d like to share some commandments for 2015. Too often, we neglect our homes. We forget that our home is also part of our family and is a crucial part to living a happy, fulfilled life. Here are the commandments I feel are most important to accomplishing this:


  1. Thou shalt cleaneth often. Yeah, I struggle with this one. But I’ve found that regularly cleaning up small messes (like the kitchen after cooking a meal) leads to less work in the long run. This leads to less stress and more happiness for me and my kitchen.
  2. Thou shalt be comfortable. Our homes are for relaxing, renewing, and accomodating—that’s why it’s crucial they be comfortable. This can easily be accomplished with pillows, blankets, rugs, furniture you can sit on while you binge on your favorite TV series, etc. Life is too short to not feel comfy.
  3. Thou shalt not deny practicality. This ties in nicely with Commandment #2. For instance, you love the look of lucite chairs, but are they very practical in the summer? Here in Ohio, we don’t need any help with humidity, so I pass on that trend.
  4. Thou shalt maketh thy bed. This is another one I struggle with. Why is that?! It takes all of 2 minutes to make the bed. Just walking past my bedroom and seeing a neat, tidy bed feels good. And what feels even better is when it’s bedtime. A made bed just seems to set the tone for a restful sleep.
  5. Thou shalt light beautifully. First, use as much natural light as possible. Everything is more beautiful with natural light. Next use several different lighting sources to fit your needs. Overhead lighting can be useful but isn’t practical for all of your lighting needs. Having several lamps in a room allows you to set a feeling of comfort and ambiance.
  6. Thou shalt give thanks to thy home. Maybe it’s not your dream home, maybe it’s become a money pit, or maybe it’s not where you want to be. But it’s your home and it deserves some gratitude. We take the basic things for granted, so be sure to thank you for home for what it does give you.
  7. Thou shalt DIY responsibly. Before you go tearing down that wall on a whim, do your research. Sometimes DIY is a cheaper process and sometimes it’s not. And sometimes it’s just not worth the time and effort you have to put forth to DIY.
  8. Thou shalt not covet thy neighbor’s home. Be it a koi pond, skylight, theater room, etc., envying their home can only lead to your unhappiness. Your home is as unique as you are, because it is an extension of you. And I bet your home is pretty awesome just like you. Not convinced? See Commandment #6.
  9. Thou shalt rearrangeth. When we change up something we’ve grown used to, it sparks new energy in our brains. It awakens us and keeps us feeling alive. Rearrange your space and watch how it freshens everything up.
  10. Honor thy personality. This is one my decorating rules, because our homes are a reflection of ourselves. Our homes tell a story just as much as our clothing, hairstyle, and Facebook pages say about us. Some ways we can personalize our space is with artwork that speaks to us, DIY projects, photos of our journeys and loved ones, our favorite colors, and souvenirs. Let your home tell the story of YOU.

What are your personal home commandments? Do you set New Years resolutions for your home? Could you and your home benefit from any of these commandments?

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10 Comments on The Ten Commandments for a Happy Home

  1. I shall doeth my best to follow thy commandments. I shall rearangeth often and honour my personality always. Thank you for the excellent posteth.

  2. Kate Horrell // 01/02/2015 at 12:29 PM // Reply

    I love these, and it’s funny because #4 is on my list every yr, but why is it so hard to keep up with?

  3. What a super list — love it! Thanks for sharing at Snickerdoodle! 🙂

  4. Thanks !!! you help us to seize the aspect authentic and happy of the life!
    Have a happy new year !!!

  5. Navy Wifey Peters // 01/06/2015 at 11:23 PM // Reply

    I’m bad about making the bed, but you’re right. You do feel better when your bed is nice and neat.

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