Warm & Neutral Bathroom Makeover Moodboard

Warm & Neutral Apartment Bathroom Makeover Moodboard Asian vintage romantic global natural taupe orchid mauve The Decor Guru When you're knee-deep in a decor or DIY project, does a little voice speak to you, whispering words of common sense and rationale? Do you heed this voice, ignore it, or strive for a fun balance of the two to keep life interesting? I fall in the latter category. See, I really want to dive into making over my bathroom, but I'm still making over my living room. I've lived here for a year now and never planned a specific decorating scheme for the bathroom. My rationale for waiting so long is that it's the least used room in my home. I'd added some decorative elements, but nothing that really wows you or feels complete. I decided to just dip my toes in the water by gathering inspriration and supplies for my bathroom makeover. Continue reading to learn how I'll transform this neglected space in my home.

It all started with a fabric. I came across this fabric and fell hard for it. Falling like that is my cue to run with it. I believe such strong feelings are signs from the decor gods. This is what I’ve centered my makeover around and what I’ll use to make a shower curtain:

When I came across this fabric, I was struck by the gentle beauty of the print. I took it as inspiration to decorate the bathroom with a relaxed, soft energy. I love the Asian vibe of the trees (probably cherry blossoms) and that it provides just enough visual interest to stand out.

Because I feel pigeon-holed by decorating in only one style, I will also use vintage elements in the room. So far, I’m inspired by oilcan soap dispensers, ironstone, and wicker baskets. I’ll also create a skirt around the sink with linen. I have a cabinet with doors beneath my sink, but it’s just fugly. And since I rent this place, I won’t be painting any of the cabinetry.

Warm & Neutral Apartment Bathroom Makeover Moodboard Asian vintage romantic global natural taupe orchid mauve The Decor Guru

I believe the function of a bathroom is similar to our bedrooms: they should refresh, energize, and restore us. Our bathrooms help us prepare for each day and help us unwind from life. I want mine to be efficient but also like a getaway—soft and warm with a combination of romantic and refined.

Do you also tackle more than one DIY projects at the same time? Do you have a room in your home that you’ve neglected? Does your bathroom help to refresh you?

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