5 Reasons You Need a Portière

5 Reasons You Need a Portiere Entrance portiere doorway curtains winter drafts The Decor Guru Do you ever learn a word and think, "So that's what it's called? I've been doing it all this time and had no idea!"  For me recently, that word was portière. While a portière sounds like a fancy piece of bathroom equipment (a portable bidet?), it is simply a curtain that hangs over a doorway. Continue reading to learn 5 reasons you need to use portières in your home.

1. Portières can help to infuse color/pattern in a room. This is especially helpful when you live in a white box and can’t paint. Check out how Jen from I Heart Organizing added bright and cheerful colorblocking with closet curtains:

2. A portière is great for hiding storage (and chaos, if you’re like me). These utilitarian shelves are concealed with soft curtains, adding to the calm, relaxed vibe of the bathroom.

3. Portières also help to soften the energy in a room. If your room needs some balance or feels cold, textiles are perfect to add a feeling of coziness. Dana from House Tweaking created these dreamy curtains for closet that complement the room perfectly.

4. Portières allow you to separate and define an open floorplan. Here, curtains were hung between the bedroom and living room to define a sleeping area (and give some privacy).


5. Using a portière can help block drafts and insulate your home. Julie from Redhead Can Decorate created this lovely ruffled portiere to keep her kitchen toasty.

Redhead Can Decorate ruffled kitchen curtain separate rooms portiere doorway curtains roundup The DIY HomegirlMy entry decor has changed a bit, but the curtains still hang over the front door:

Apartment entrance winter drafts insulation portiere doorway curtains roundup The Decor Guru

Just like curtains, portières are typically hung with curtain rods and brackets. However, you can employ other methods to hang them, such as nailing the fabric into the wall or using portière rods.

What do you think of portières? Have you also been using them all along without knowing their proper name? Have you used a portière to decorate or keep warm?

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13 Comments on 5 Reasons You Need a Portière

  1. Love this new word! My girls room is tiny and their closet door is just in the way. They totally need a portière!

  2. I clicked over from snickerdoodle sunday because I didn’t know what a portiere was, Turns out I HAVE been using them all along :o) We use them on both the door-less door-ways in the lounge-room to keep heat in in the winter.

  3. I love this! Any suggestions for hanging one on a slanted ceiling. We have a 1.5 story home with slanted ceilings and I have been looking for some solutions for separating an area off. Thanks! Great blog!

    • Thanks for commenting and stopping through! You may be able to use a standard curtain rod and bend the brackets so they fit to your slanted ceiling. Another option could be to create a hanging curtain rod (kinda like a trapeze)—if you go that route, I’d use lightweight curtains.

  4. I have a portière for my closet. It’s a Valentine’s Day shower curtain. My bedroom is just too small for a closet door, and I agree, the curtain is much more fun. You’ve given me lots of other ideas, too. I’m visiting from Show and Share.

  5. I love how you found the word for something so many of us have been doing for years and turned a post that could have been about plain old curtains into a chic decorating post. And I thought my grandmother was old fashioned having these around the house – turns out she knew her interior design!

  6. Toni J Lynch // 06/01/2015 at 12:53 PM // Reply

    Same here I didn’t even realize it had a name. I just thought I was “hanging a curtain on a doorframe” Lol. I use this method on our bedroom closets and in the summer I separate the living room from the kitchen with a curtain to keep it cool in the living room lol

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