Decorating The Perfect Room: Marinate or Make It Happen?

Perfect-Room-Marinate-or-Make-it-Happen-Elusive-Watercolor-by-Angela-Conley-The-Decor Guru

I love checking out people's houses and how they decorate. If you invite me over, I must have a tour. Don't worry, I won't be inspecting your medicine cabinet. Instead, I'm poring over what you have hanging on your walls.

So it's no surprise that I love the House Tours and House Calls on Apartment Therapy. Recently, one home tour really stood out to me because of the people's decorating philosophy, which inspired me to reevaluate my decorating process.

Abigail and Joe’s home is filled with unique items, a good portion of them secondhand. They mentioned the importance of being patient and allowing the perfect decor to come to them. Decorating takes a great deal of effort, but sometimes we try too hard to make the perfect room or home.

That got me thinking of all the one-of-a-kind things I’ve found and how my ideas “randomly” come to me. These things haven’t simply come about with hard work and constant seeking–you have to learn to let go as well.

In pondering this, I realized their philosophy works well with other things like finding your lost keys or remembering the name of that obscure movie from the 80s. In fact, a watercolor painting I made years ago was based on this concept. It was inspired by a quote I’d come across:

“Happiness is like a butterfly. The more you chase it, the more it will elude you. But if you turn your attention to other things, it comes and softly sits on your shoulder.” (Richard Lessor)

The Perfect Room Marinate or Let It Happen? Elusive- painting watercolor-Angela-Conley-The-Decor Guru

Somewhere along the way, I’ve lost touch with this concept. When I decorate/make over a room, I become consumed by it (albeit happily). Because of this, I’ve found myself completing a room with items that were just okay. These items sufficed, but I didn’t love them.

I decided I’m going to practice the art of marinating. Coincidentally (or not?), I have a perfect initiation with my bedroom makeover. I’ve been pondering how to decorate the longest wall that’s not the focal point. So instead of fretting and stressing how to complete this wall, I will relax and have faith the decor gods will bless me… eventually.

How do you prefer to decorate:  make it happen all at once or let it be an eventual process? Do you think we try too hard sometimes instead of just letting things come to us?

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4 Comments on Decorating The Perfect Room: Marinate or Make It Happen?

  1. Marinate, definitely marinate! When I find myself in a rush to decorate, I usually have an idea of what I want and if I’m unable to find that one piece of decor I imagine, I’m disappointed and end up settling for some high-priced, mediocre item.

  2. Hi Homegirl, I did a little search for this image… this is my home, but I am feeling a little homesick already as I am packing up to move abroad. Thank you for the sweet reply and for reminding me to let go, once again.

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