7 Signs You May Be a Colorholic

7-Signs-You-May-Be-a-Colorholic-The Decor Guru

When I was a kid, I loved my crayons more than the average child. I memorized their names, arranged them by spectrum order, and inhaled their waxy pheromones.

I loved when my parents bought paint because it meant I could browse hundreds of paint swatches. I’d compare each color and analyze the differences between each shade presented on the cards.

I loved rainbows before I knew they were a symbol of gay pride… and even once I knew, I still rocked homemade rainbow-beaded necklaces (I also didn’t care about the symbolism.)

I guess these were all signs I had a fixation, an addiction. There’s plenty more indications that my addiction to color is going strong today. Finally, I’m ready to admit it.

These are the signs you may also be a colorholic:

1. Your wardrobe is arranged by color. Years ago I learned this concept and tested it out for myself. Just one try was all it took. I dress according to mood and color. Some days I feel like earth tones, while others I feel bright & happy. This closet arrangement has saved me oodles of time.

2. You’ve been promiscuous with color. I haven’t met a color I didn’t like and because of this, I’ve experimented a lot in my decor and clothing. While I love all colors, this experimentation has led me to see what colors work best on my complexion and in certain areas of my home.

3. When you need a new fix, you go to the fabric store. Naturally, I love how the calico bolts are arranged by color. Sometimes I’ll be there to actually buy fabric; sometimes I’m there just for the pleasure.

4. You have color crushes. These temporary obsessions appear in a rash of new clothing, accessories, home decor, or fabric in said color. Currently, I’m all about mint green.

5. You even love the “non-colors:” white, gray, black. You can easily tell the differences between their various hues, which pleases your ego greatly.

6. You believe color has deep impact on your quality of life. As a teen, one of the careers I considered was psychology (in addition to being an artist). That’s probably why I find color psychology fascinating and believe it should be a religion. I’d tithe all my paint cards to the cause.

7. You redecorate your home regularly, centering the makeover on a new palette. I’ve tried out almost every color, although I always go back to the cool tones. Aqua and turquoise will have my heart forever.

Are you also a fiend for color? How strong is your addiction: do you moderate it or go on color binges? What’s your color of choice?

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6 Comments on 7 Signs You May Be a Colorholic

  1. Meredith // 07/27/2015 at 12:21 PM // Reply

    I love every single one of these! And I have one to add: You had to start a blog just to deal with all the color-related projects you want to do! You’ve just described me perfectly, and it’s so nice to meet another colorholic. Heading over to follow you on IG…

  2. Red, red and more red! Always loved it always will. I would decorate the whole house red if I could but manage to control myself and consider that I don’t actually live alone! So far in each place we’ve lived I’ve managed to have red somehow in one room. Then there is red and aqua – swoon!
    My latest thing is yellow though, I keep seeing lovely touches of yellow and thinking I need a little yellow in my life!

  3. Ha ha! I must be a coloraholic 🙂

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