Decorating For the Real World

There’s something I’ve observed lately among all these lovely sites and magazines. I see breathtaking spaces created by top designers, impeccable remodels, and rooms overflowing with fine art and decor. I don’t believe their objective is to make the rest of us feel like commoners. And I certainly don’t feel “less than” when browsing these high-end spaces. I still draw a lot of inspiration from those magazines and websites.

It’s just that these looks aren’t representative of the majority. Most of us don’t have the money to lavishly decorate a room. Most of us wouldn’t fork over our hard-earned paycheck to have the finest fabrics, the rarest accessories, or sought-after antiques. Some of us wouldn’t even if we did have the means.

Some of these looks, while fabulous and chic,  aren’t attainable for many of us. This is not to say we should shame anyone who seeks the high-end home. Nor is this to judge the high-end retailers, craftsmen/women, or designers. High-end items have their place and purpose just like the budget-friendly items.

We need rich, lush spaces without having to donate a kidney on the black market. We need chic and attainable decor. We need our homes to look great while being practical for our lifestyles. We need truer examples of how to decorate in the real world, and that is my mission.

Do you feel there are enough examples of real world decorating? How do you embrace this philosophy in your home? Do you enjoy high-end items?

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6 Comments on Decorating For the Real World

  1. That is why I feel so close to you. You gather the search for the beauty with that of the authenticity. Humanity and joy of life. One thank you. Marie

  2. I agree. I have too many ways to stretch my dollar to spend it all on decorating.

  3. // 11/16/2015 at 11:25 AM // Reply

    GOOOOOOD…!!! Most of the bloggers I follow too also get compensated for their time to use their products. Most diy-ers just don’t have all of the stuff or the means to get it so thank you..!!

    • I’m not against endorsing products, but I would only do if it I felt they were worthy. And of course, realistic! Thanks for your feedback! I really appreciate it.

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