Back to Basics: Beige Beauty Moodboard

Beige-Beauty-Living-Room-Makeover-Moodboard-Thumbnail-The-Decor Guru gray natural wood gold 70s silver black linen modern moodboard MCM

(That headline needs more alliteration.)

For some reason, I’ve been hankering to paint my living/dining room white. Never mind the fact I’d painted it in my all-time favorite color, aqua. We all know I’m a colorholic so I had to figure out why I wanted this break.

I sat down in lotus position and meditated on it. I lit 24 candles and chanted while pondering this change of heart. OK, not really. But I did think about it. A lot, because copious pondering is what overthinkers do best.

It’s pretty simple, actually: white = purity and renewal. It’s crisp, fresh, and rejuvenating when done right. It brightens and cleanses. All of these adjectives are the same way I perceive winter. My color crushes tend to ebb and flow based on the seasons, so it all makes sense. I’m also yearning for a simpler space, no doubt in part to how busy my life is currently.

So with a 3-day weekend, I took the plunge and went back to basics, painting my living/dining room the same builders’ beige it came in. (It’s actually called Softer Tan by Sherwin Williams.) Since painting it white would be more work (I have to paint it back to the original color when I move), this was a great compromise. While different, I can work with beige to create the brighter, simpler palette I desire. +100 points for having one less thing on the to-do list whenever moving time comes.

My MO for this makeover is to save as much money as possible. The biggest purchase will be an armchair, which I’ve wanted for a long time. I have some DIY tricks up my sleeve, like sewing up new envelope pillow covers. Plus I’ll reveal a few during the process.

To keep the room from feeling boring, I will add more natural textures, pattern, plus some brown and black. There will be a mix of mid-modern, industrial, and global influences. Y’all know I can’t just do a room with only one decor style.

organic modern 70s industrial eclectic Beige-Beauty-Living-Room-Makeover-Moodboard-The-Decor Guru

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As always, you’ll find links to the sources in the caption above. You can also check out more items I considered/may still use on my Beige Beauty Pinterest board.

Have you ever gone back to basics and started a room over with a neutral color? What do you think of neutral color schemes?

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