New Years Resolutions for the Home

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I tend not to make resolutions on New Years, as I prefer to let the change in seasons inspire me. But since the holidays were so busy, the cleansing energy of the Winter Solstice flew right past me. So this month, I’m harnessing the New Year spirit and creating a list of things to set me off on the right foot—home-wise.

Truthfully, this list consists of things I should’ve done a while ago. But life happens, so these tasks were put on the back burner. Life is just much more fun than going through your massive stash of DIY supplies… or the heaping pile of receipts from buying all those supplies.

There’s actually a great feeling of accomplishment to be had from downsizing your belongings. Because our homes send us all kinds of subliminal messages based on how we’ve present and organize our space, our objects matter. In my home, the negative subliminal messages come from random clutter and excessive belongings. Hence, all of my list consists of purging:

  1. Do a digital purge. Thanks to the invention of digital photography, we can snap oodles of photos before achieving the perfect shot. But there are still consequences for this and that comes in the form of memory. So I plan to go through all my photo files and delete the ones I never used, the ones that didn’t make the cut. This purge will be for my computer, memory card, and phone.
  2. Donate clothing, fabric, and decor. I looove having options and that’s always been my Achilles heel. Because I embrace different styles and colors in my home and wardrobe, I like knowing I have a wide selection to choose from. The reality of this is there are pieces I flock to on a regular basis while neglecting the others. A good rule to live by is if it hasn’t been used it in 6 months it’s gots to go, on to the next life.
  3. Start a consistent recycling routine. If you follow my Instagram, you’ll see the conundrum I face while recycling. Unfortunately, apartments don’t cater to recycling so I have to take that trash elsewhere. And because the designated kitchen cupboard is “out of sight,” it’s also “out of mind,” overflowing with wine bottles, cans and cereal boxes. Solution: downsize my recyclable space (cupboard to crate) and take it whenever I do my weekly grocery shopping. The designated space is now under my kitchen sink next to the trash can.
  4. Purge unfinished projects. I’m blessed to always be thinking and always be creating. But when that leads tounfinished projects occupying precious space in your home office, it’s time for change. Similar to #2, if I haven’t touched it in 3-6 months, it’s going to the dumpster or thrift store.
  5. Shred old bills and receipts. This chore will take the longest, so I reserved it for as last. You know those nifty blue bags you get from IKEA? Well, I have one of those full to the top with old receipts (as well as a few places around the house). You remember landline phones? I have many old Ameritech bills from those days that deserve to be diced into fine pieces. Plus many other obsolete utility bills, I’m sure.

Man, I can’t wait to power through this list. My goal is to have it all completed by the end of January. It’s a short list but pretty doable and I’ll feel loads better once this is done. And who knows, maybe getting rid of all this old stuff will make way for new things, literally and figuratively?

Did you make any New Years goals or resolutions for your home? Share them in the comments!

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