It’s Official: I’m Rebranding the Blog. Welcome to The Decor Guru!

The Decor Guru formerly known as The DIY Homegirl Real World Decorating Real World Guidance rebranding

Things are gonna start looking different around here. I decided to take the plunge and rebrand this blog. If only this plunge was as refreshing as those tea commercials make it appear…

To better align my dreams in journalism (and possibly decorating), I wanted a name that better explained my mission. The Decor Guru tells you right off the bat: this is someone who knows her shit.

But more than just showing you my expertise via my many DIY and decorating experiments, I want to guide you in the world of decorating–like a guru. I want to share how you can create the space you adore coming home to. It’s a path that we can all walk down and I’m here to help.

Staying true to my DIY Homegirl roots, I’ll continue to guide you with real world decorating tips. The internet, books, and magazines are full of lavishly decorated homes (even the Zen, minimalist ones likely cost bookoo $$$ to create). These examples are great if you have that kind of money–but most of us don’t. My passion is in showing you that a stylish, personalized home is attainable and affordable.

The transition into The Decor Guru will include some changes that I hope you like: this site will now only feature posts relevant to decorating. I also have ideas for branching out into other media forms to help you learn how to decorate, like videos, online courses, books, etc. #careergoals

And because I still love talking and writing about almost anything, I’ll host another blog to feature all other topics I cover. This includes previous and future posts like fashion, other DIY projects, traveling, etc. Once I get everything transitioned at The Decor Guru, I’ll be creating that page–so be on the lookout. I’ll make a mention here and will probably post a sidebar link to it.

Thanks for your patience while I wrap up these big changes! You’ll likely see some variance in the names while I revamp everything. And if you have any more feedback, please share. I welcome all kinds of criticism!

Thanks for visiting! Let’s stay connected!

3 Comments on It’s Official: I’m Rebranding the Blog. Welcome to The Decor Guru!

  1. OK!!! I wait for you, with a great pleasure. To you, friendly

  2. Great! I enjoy your blog.

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