Sweet Baby Cheeses, Spring is Finally Here

My favorite season is finally here. There’s so much I love about spring, like when flowers begin their new cycle, poking their young leaves through the earth.

Or how lawns transition from stale, straw-like blankets to fresh, verdant coats of life.

Or when the silhouette of trees softens with emerging buds, telling you great transformation is to come.

In other words: green.

Unfortunately, while it’s officially spring in the Midwest, these wonderful occurrences aren’t happening just yet. Here in Ohio, we can’t put away the long johns and boots since at least one more snowfall is likely (but not usually that bad).

No matter where we live, we can all embrace the renewing energy of green by decorating it with in our homes. From small touches of green to large doses, check out decorating tips, DIY/decor projects featuring this color and moodboard inspiration in my post, Get Your Color On! Spring Greens.


Myself, I’ll be picking up a fresh bouquet of flowers for my living room. How are you celebrating spring? How do you decorate with green in your home?

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