7 Tips for Decorating a Small Home

Ever have a relationship that’s wonderful when the going’s good and horrible when it’s bad? That’s how I feel about my current apartment.

Home-wise, my apartment isn’t too bad. Although the complex has changed hands three times in the last two years I’ve been here, they’ve been decent about maintenance. However, the buildings have super thin walls & floors. Which has led me to dressing like Joey when he wore all of Chandler’s clothes, in the winter:

Joey wearing all of Chandler's clothes Friends 7 Tips for Decorating a Small Home The Decor Guru

Plus, I hear and feel a lot of noise from my neighbors. At all times of the day and night. So I’ve decided to move as soon as I can, which is this summer. I’m thinking I could maybe do something smaller than my current apartment (about 800 square feet)… as long as I have a separate space for my office.

Truthfully, I could stand to downsize. I sometimes have hoarder tendencies. I’ve never been good at moderation–whether it’s cupcakes, the loudness of my laugh, or a closet full of craft/decor items.

To arm myself with downsizing and transitioning to a smaller abode, I’ve scoped out small space inspiration. Here are 7 tips for how to marry style and function in a small home.

Create an entrance. In many of the small houses I see for rent, they don’t have a formal entryway. You come in the front door & then bam! You’re in the living room. A great solution is to divide the space up, like Scott’s 595-square foot California home, as featured in Apartment Therapy. The shelving units also double as storage and can serve as a landing strip for this non-existent entry.

Decorate with a light palette. At less than 700 square feet, this home designed by Lisa Furey is optimized by an open floorplan and light bright color scheme. Light colors help to bounce more light around a room, which leads to a feeling of more space.

Add a mirror. This 850-square foot LA apartment decorated by Corynne Pless utilizes a large gilded mirror perpendicular to the window, making the room appear larger and balancing the visual weight of the dark furniture.

Go vertical with your storage. I love how Michael Penney of House + Home magazine used multiple baskets for storage in his apartment kitchen. I always wonder how to decorate that elusive space  between the cabinets and the ceiling without a 1990 Home Interiors vibe–you know, fake plants and country baskets. This is a perfect example of how to decorate this space stylishly, plus there’s the benefit of added storage, a necessity in a small home.

Create a dining space where one doesn’t exist. Since small homes mean small rooms, this space featured on IKEA shows you how to create a dining area with minimal furniture. Add a small table (or desk like this example), some chairs, and a couple shelves into a corner and you have a cozy, intimate dining room.

Arrange your furniture wisely. I could totally get with a bedroom this small. In this cozy NYC bedroom/home designed by Robert McKinley, placing the bed under the focal point (the windows) and on the farthest wall helps the room feel more spacious.

Use storage that doubles as decor. I’ve never considered decorating a bedroom with bookshelves. But in Harben and Ryan’s 550-square foot home, as featured in Apartment Therapy, they cleverly added a bookshelf to the corner for decor, books, and clothing. Bonus points if it’s IKEA’s Hyllis shelf, which is a mere $15!

Have you ever downsized your home? What’s a small home to you? What are decorating tricks have you used for a small home?

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2 Comments on 7 Tips for Decorating a Small Home

  1. Fantastic post, these are great tips! I live in an about 1000 sq ft apartment. It’s more spacious than we originally expected, but I totally agree with you that when things get messy- it’s bad! It definitely takes intentional decluttering when you have a small space. I recently posted about making the most of a living room apartment and had some similar tips. http://acupofteawithkelsey.blogspot.com/2016/03/making-most-of-apartment-living-room.html

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