Watery Blues Bedroom Moodboard

Watery-Blues-Bedroom-Moodboard-The-Decor-Guru indigo cobalt navy turquoise aqua white gold organic modern mid-century modern bohemian wood glass summer natural beach ocean watercolor headboard snake plant houseplant mirror vases summer bedding

I haven’t moved yet—let alone found a place—but I’m already envisioning how to decorate my new bedroom. Yeah, I’m prone to jumping to conclusions. Had that game really been made, I’d have won it so hard.

My current bedroom is decorated in a warm, salmon-y pink. I’ve fallen out of love with it, but we had a good run while it lasted. Since I’m moving this summer, I won’t make over the bedroom while I live here. And I may not even choose this new decor scheme once I do move. But it’s still fun to imagine and create moodboards, so I went ahead with this vision.

We’ll soon be heading into summer, the time of poolside lounging, beach trips, and long-lasting blue skies. I’ve honed into that inspiration to create a bedroom look that’s slightly beachy, but not in an overly nautical way.  Not only do the cobalt, turquoise and navy remind you of the beach, some of the fabrics have a watercolor effect, like the curtains and the bed pillows.

I love using natural elements in my rooms. I find they create visual interest and a peaceful energy to a space. Plus—you can never go wrong with a palette found in nature, so I added wood elements to blend with the oceanic vibe. Also featured are accessories like houseplants, colored glass, and rattan/wicker items. Check out the full moodboard:

Watery-Blues-Bedroom-Moodboard-The-Decor-Guru gold white  indigo cobalt navy turquoise aqua organic modern mid-century modern bohemian wood glass white summer natural beach ocean watercolor batik tie-due shibori vases candle holders bowl throw blanket dresser pendant lamp snake plant stool bedside mirror eye art jewelry dish baskets wood headboard ombre

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This bedroom is also a bit bohemian with a mid-century modern edge: my favorite combination of decor styles. The tie-dye curtains are no longer available for purchase, but there’s lots of tutorials out there so I’ll DIY my own. The blue striped pillow (#14) can be purchased, but should be easy to recreate with my reverse batik tutorial.

In lieu of a traditional headboard, I included a DIY wood diptych that’s stained and gilded; you can find the tutorial here. Sadly, the eye artwork is not for sale, but I can recreate someone similar to bring that graphic edge to the room. Further adding to that modern vibe is a favorite secondhand piece of mine, the fabric and wire pendant lamp. I have yet to learn the official name/style/manufacturer, but its uniqueness makes me love it even more.

I chose lots more watery blue inspiration for this moodboard, but didn’t use them. I even included some shades of paint that would look fabulous with these items, although I won’t be painting my rented walls blue. You can check out the rest on my Watery Blues Pinterest board.

Do you like rooms decorated in beachy colors? Are you anxious for summer? Have you ever “decorated” a home before actually moving in?

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2 Comments on Watery Blues Bedroom Moodboard

  1. Blue is my favorite color for decorating and just in general! Love this!

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