Sea Breeze Kitchen Moodboard

As life changes, we change. And so is the case for my stepfather’s kitchen. See, we’d planned a Craftsman/Arts & Crafts-themed makeover a few years ago, but he didn’t quite get around to completing everything. And maybe that’s a good thing.

Today, my stepdad wants to redo the kitchen entirely. Well, not a full remodel—the white subway tiles will remain and the cabinets will stay but get painted white. The decor style will change drastically, though, into a breezy room that leaves you feeling like you’re at the beach (minus sand in places the sun doesn’t shine). This new makeover feels much fresher, in a renewed kind of way.

Sea Breeze Kitchen-Moodboard-The-Decor-Guru aqua turquoise denim blue stripes white cream nickel sheer curtains rope nautical coastal decor style

The vibe: Calm, breezy, relaxing, and comfortable.  Think: a day at the beach, but with the ease of being indoors. This is also a dine-in kitchen, so it needs to have a  welcoming vibe for all purposes: cooking, grazing, dining, or the occasional card game in which I lovingly whup all of my family.

The style: Coastal with a touch of modern. To prevent a room from feeling too themed, it’s best to combine several decor styles. It’s very easy to decorate a room with all matching items like anchors, shells, etc., but all those aspects blend together and then there’s no visual tension (the same rule applies when choosing color; hence, the turquoise and blue were added.) There’s a mix of the traditional nautical style (the sconces, rope planters, stripes) and modern (the pendant, the sleek lines cabinet pulls, the abstract art). And to tie in that breezy feeling, sheer white curtains are best (although some light linen panels would also be lovely).

The palette: Aqua, turquoise, denim blue, white, and off-white/cream. The touches of turquoise and denim blue are secondary colors, chosen to help bring variety and balance to the brightness of the walls (the aqua). The cabinets will be painted white, while the countertop will be done in a shade that’s reminiscent of sand. Weathered wood, rope, and glass bring the natural energy to the room.

We sat down and looked at loads of paint cards, to the point it made his brain hurt. I, however, was in heaven. I sorted through all the colors, picked 3-5 of the ones I thought were best, and then he, his lady, my sister, and I picked our faves. Most times we came to the same conclusion.

For the kitchen, the winner was Misty Aqua by Glidden. I chose this because it’s colorful without being overly saturated. I love strong colors, but have found when they’re done on such a large scale like walls, they become overwhelming. Thus, this color gives you just enough blue-green like the ocean, but not too much that it’s shouting at you.

True to form, this moodboard also includes some DIY items: the abstract art and rope-wrapped planters are easily doable. (See the links below the image for the tutorials.) You can check out more picks that didn’t make the cut but would be equally lovely on my Pinterest board here.

One final thing: the items shown here may not be budget-friendly for some of us, but that’s OK. I did include the sources to these items, but kept them to serve as inspiration. #realworlddecorating

Sea Breeze Kitchen-Moodboard-The-Decor-Guru aqua turquoise denim blue stripes white cream nickel sheer curtains rope nautical coastal decor style

Sources: Paint, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21





Do you enjoy coastal decor? Or just days at the beach? Do you have a beachy home or room? Feel free to share in the comments!

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2 Comments on Sea Breeze Kitchen Moodboard

  1. I love the coastal theme/beach. Maybe once I have money someday I will hire you to decorate my house.

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