2017 New Year’s Home Resolutions

2017 New Year's Home Resolutions The Decor Guru goals

Happy New Year! I’m happy to say I fulfilled last year’s home resolutions for the most part, with the exception of shredding all my old receipts. I just threw those bad boys in the trash. #notimeforthat#sorrynotsorry

Spurred by my success and embracing the renewing energy of the new year, I’ve created another set of home resolutions for 2017. These are more decor-related than last year, but will surely keep me busy and give me plenty to share with you later.

Manage my time better. Lately, I’ve found it tough to balance DIY/decor/makeover projects/blogging with my full-time job, freelance writing jobs, a regular workout schedule, my relationship, and martinis with the girls (a necessity!). My goal is to post once a week, but that hasn’t happened for a while. Granted, some of that was due to a major surgery in October, where there was no way my mind was able to put together a blog post on decor.

When I look at it all, I see I could be more efficient with my to-do’s. I could afford to spend less time on Facebook, read celebrity gossip, or shop. I’ll ask myself first—does this benefit me? Does this benefit my dream to write full-time? Will this benefit my decor knowledge? Do I really need to buy this? Do I love this?  I’ll still allow myself those guilty pleasures, but in moderation.

Fine-tune my home workout area. Months ago, I swapped my living room and den areas so I now have this gloriously long space designated for exercise. I started out doing a few workouts at home mixed with a few at the gym, and finally ended my gym membership. It’s much more convenient to exercise at home–plus, no worries about other people’s sweat, the jarring sound of someone dropping their weights or clanking the machine after each rep, or unwanted odors all up in your space.

However, my home gym set-up is quite basic: some yoga stuff, a set of adjustable dumb bells and plates, and some workout DVDs. I’d like to expand on that while decorating the space more for this purpose. I’m not talking about a machine, but maybe a few more weights and a barbell. (Maybe a bench if I can figure out a way to disguise it.)

Make over my office. When I moved here in June, I was in a mad hurry to get it decorated in time so I could submit a house tour with an application for a decor website. While it was a decent set-up that I’ll share soon, the space lacks the energy my other rooms possess. Plus, I’ve rearranged it again—shocker, I know. At this point, decorating will mostly be the walls and small accents, but I’ll create a proper moodboard since this always gets me on the right track for a room.

Touch up the kitchen. This is another space I’ve decorated minimally and feel could use some more accents. Luckily, this will just be some artwork, plants, knick-knacks, and a better dry-erase board. I’m really not much of a minimalist and love to be surrounded by decor–my name is Angie, and I’m a maximalist. And since I spend 40 glorious hours a week here, it needs to be fabulous.

NOT make over every room again. I say this in spite of the other resolutions, but those aren’t total makeovers. I’m talking about when I develop a new color crush and spontaneously decide this should inspire a (insert room) makeover. Unless I score a sugar daddy, this is just unacceptable whilst saving money.  If I get bored, I can just make small updates to the room, like by sewing new pillow covers or creating new artwork. And keep the old man I currently have.

Entertain. My current home is the first house I’ve lived in since I moved away from home 500 years ago. It’s so much better laid out than the last space, which makes it more conducive for entertaining. It doesn’t even have to be a lot of people, but maybe a dinner with some family or movie night with the gals. I’d just like a couple times to get my Martha Stewart on and eat, drink, and be merry.

Do you also like to do resolutions? Do you make resolutions for your home? Did you have an excellent New Year’s?



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