Minty Fresh Home Office Makeover Moodboard

Perhaps the biggest struggle of being a decor fanatic lies in decorating your own home. For me, there’s always that conflict of decorating my rooms to look their best vs. what my schedule (and budget) can allow. When I moved here, I needed to have some kind of decor in place. I just couldn’t look at white walls the entire time. Thus, one of the rooms to receive the “it will work for now” treatment was my office.

You can check it out here–it’s okay but not great. It feels like it lacks some cohesion and more decor. It feels a little too utilitarian. I’m a maximalist kind of decorator, so I need more pretty things to accompany me in this space. I need more art, more energy.

This makeover is a slow process because I’m working on a few other projects. But most importantly, I’m striving to manage my time better like I resolved to do this year. It’s still an easy makeover, with me not taking on too much.

Mint emerald white black gold silver home office makeover The Decor Guru moodboard bulletin board MCM tanker desk wood glass metal eclectic industrial workspace DIY

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This time, it will feel more like an office than a room that houses a few desks. One of the changes was in moving the IKEA desk out of there. I found I like crafting and sewing at the long tables I have set up on my kitchen, so I just decided to use this room for my 9-5 job only plus storage. There’s not much space in this room anyhow, so that’s perfect.

I’ll be continuing the emerald, black and white color scheme, but am mixing in some mint green. Using two versions of one color is easier on the eyes, yet the mint green will also provide a nice contrast to the emerald.

All of my makeovers/reveals include some sort of DIY, so the office’s biggest project will be creating customized bulletin boards. I’m painting the frames with a mint green chalk paint (Refreshing by Americana) and then painting the cork with a graphic design similar to #1 in the moodboard).

I’m keeping my tanker desk and chair the same, although I kinda wish I’d used a less vibrant shade of green on the desk. But since I’m not feeling up to repainting it, it stays! (Although, I am sure I will make it over in years to come since I just can’t part with such a fantastic piece of furniture.)

The sheer curtains help the room feel airy and larger, so they stay. I’ll add trim to the sides with the ribbon shown in #3, which is white with gold starbursts. I will continue to use gold and silver throughout the room, as it helps temper the industrial feel of the shelves and wire basket. Plus, I love a contrasting mix of styles and always strive to include this in my moodboards and rooms.

I’m pretty excited to get this room feeling more formal and fun.

Have you been craving for green decor lately like I have? How do you like your workspace decorated?



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