Starting an Abstinence Journey…. from Decorating

Someone recently said to me, “I love following you on Instagram because you’re always making something over!” I was quite flattered and laughed sheepishly, because it’s true.

More recently, my friends asked about coming over to see my house since they haven’t yet. I’ve always told them no because of my perpetual state of decorating since last June. I want everything to be perfect and have to censor our words because we’re in public.

I’ve started to question my sanity because of this. In my ongoing pursuit of making over every room in my house, I’m wondering, Why do I do this? Am I never satisfied? Do I need a 12-step program? I’m already a colorholic, I can’t add another addiction to my repertoire!

Then I began pondering what life would be like if I wasn’t in a constant state of revamp. And then I wondered something really crazy: could I abstain from making over my decor for a year? OK, that may be drastic. What about 6 months?

Guys, I’m seriously contemplating this. The obvious benefit from makeover chastity would be the money I save. Most of my recreational budget goes to decor (and food, but that’s a whole ‘nother issue). If someone ever broke into my home, they’d be sorely disappointed. I don’t have fancy technology or jewelry. Those robbers would be empty-handed unless they wanted to steal all the wonders I bought from IKEA.

Another plus from not making anything over that could tame my neuroses: contentment. What does it feel like to be content? When you imagine yourself feeling content, what does that look like? When I put that feeling into a visual, I imagine myself lounging somewhere that makes me feel good. Sometimes it’s somewhere outside in the sun, sometimes it’s on my sofa, sometimes it’s in my bed on a bright sunny day. Abstaining from makeovers would teach me to learn how to be content, to be satisfied with my home the way it is, to not always be seeking perfection.

As much as I’d love to save more money, imagining that feeling of contentment has convinced me. I’ve got a pretty awesome life, but I could always use more inner peace. That’s it; I’m going all in. To make this not too harrowing of an experience, I’m setting some guidelines:

  • For the first 6 months, I cannot make over anything. No furniture makeovers, no decor makeovers, no creating decor from existing materials. NADA!
  • For the next 6 months, I’ll see how I feel about creating new things or making over what I already have—as long as I don’t have to buy anything new. For example, if I want to make a new piece of artwork, I can take an existing canvas and have at it.
  • The period of abstinence will begin on the one year-anniversary of my renting this house. That means I have until mid-June or so to complete my current makeovers, which are the kitchen and bathroom. (Which means you’ll be seeing some posts soon about my office and bedroom makeovers finally).

Phew. I’m a little stressed putting it out there, but I shall prevail. Don’t be surprised if you see any late night rants about not being able to paint a table or see me in a Target with the shakes. It will all work out and be a great tool in my growth.

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