(New) Home Reveal: All the Rooms!

Since it’s been over a year that I’ve lived here and the reveals have been scattered throughout, I thought I’d put them all together for easier access. Also, my landlord is looking for a new renter to replace me, so these blog posts should help that process. He’s a great landlord and I love this house, but I will be leaving it soon to buy my first home. Giggidy!

The house rents for $850/month and is in a peaceful neighborhood. It’s in Toledo, but is in the Sylvania School District since it’s within the township. Check out more pics by clicking the images or links above. If you’re interested, please call Dennis Paszczykowski at 419-262-6309 for more info!

The Earthy Living Room:

The Peaceful Den:

The Simple & Spacious Kitchen:

The Happy Bathroom:

The Peppy Home Office:

New home office reveal The Decor Guru emerald green soapstone behr chalk paint mid-century modern MCM vintage tanker desk black white gold silver decor workspace

The Chill Bedroom:

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