5 Days Until The Trading Spaces Reboot! I Have Questions.

Are you looking forward to the new Trading Spaces that begins April 7? I think part of the excitement is nostalgia. I loved this show before it became a phenomenon, just for the chance to see how others lived and decorated. I also learning from the designers, like worked for the real world and what didn’t work (Doug’s Love Prison room with the toilet bench). Watching the show even became a ritual with one of my friends, as we’d spend our Saturday nights tuning in and sharing our amateur critiques.

It goes without saying I’m totally looking forward to the reboot. It’s just one more design/renovating show I get to add to my DVR watchlist, but I am here for it. I’ve even been sparking my nostalgia and refreshing my memories of the cast with watching the reruns TLC has on lately. However, I have a few questions:

First, what do you think about me recapping the new season? There’s lots of bloggers who do the other reality shows, but I have yet to find many on the home decor shows. Plus, I just enjoy the hell out of these shows and writing, so it seems like a win-win.

Will Trading Spaces continue its history of zero fucks toward proper design (aesthetics and function)? One of the reruns I watched this week was the LA: North Cherokee Ave. episode, #204. It’s the one where Hildi and Doug made over a room in all black and all white, respectively. Hildi’s all-black, walls-covered-in-ribbon room was beyond practical (hello, dust mites) and over-the-top, while Doug’s all-white design was horrendously sterile and a huge disregard by painting the woodwork the owners had painstakingly renewed. I’m all for out-of-the-box decorating and innovative designs, but I’m hoping the production team took the owners’ considerations to heart this time around.

Will there be a buttload of product endorsements? In comparing some of the early episodes to the new, I could see where more and more brands were featured. Like the homeowners’ uniform requiring Swiffer’s logo. Seeing how we live in times that are even more about consumerism, I wonder if the show will be overloaded with product placement.

Why is Frank back? Will his designs be more current? Let’s keep it real: even back in the early 00’s, his designs were outdated. Several decor styles have made a comeback, but I have yet to see “country twee” on Instagram.

Will Lori continue to use her outfit for clues into her design? I actually liked that she did this, but I’m hoping she will take it a step further and regularly use the homeowners’ style for inspiration.

Will the revamped budget be enough? It’s been doubled, so the owners will now have $2000 to make over their neighbor’s room. I think it’s more than enough to do a decent makeover that isn’t too intensive–obviously you won’t get a total bathroom regut done– but we shall see how the designers do.

Will the show use the same cheesy graphics to open the show and in between Days 1 and 2? Sure, the show was on a while ago, but those graphics were super basic for even then.

Will Ty be the same hyper dude or will he have mellowed out some? I liked watching him in the earlier shows but then he got to be insufferable. Carter and Amy beign brought in gave a nice cleanser from all his energy. I am still happy to see Ty will be back, though.

Will the show be more realistic into their work? I remember being inspired to paint some dining chairs after seeing the designers effortlessly do it on the show. I used regular latex paint, only to find it chipped off at the slightest touch. I’m hoping the show will feature what it actually takes to make something over, instead of giving us more false hope about how “easy” a renovation is.

I read one designer used a ton of eggshells on the walls. Which designer do you think it was? The logical guess would be Hildi or Doug, but I’m thinking the producers wanted a new designer on that crazy train… so maybe it was John Gidding?

Are you also looking forward to the new show? What do you think it will be like? Would you like to read recaps written by yours truly? Which designer/carpenter are you excited to see?

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