About The DIY Homegirl

Growing up in the Midwest, I was raised with a strong work ethic. I was brought up to be budget-conscious, to reuse and repurpose items (hello, cupboard full of Cool Whip containers!), and to be discerning on when to splurge a little. As kids, we’d snicker over how often my dad would bring home something he found on the curb. Looking back, I’m grateful I was raised in such a humble way and have now carried these principles into my decorating.

The decor and design world is full of fabulous spaces, many of which I draw inspiration from. These examples are great if you have that kind of money–but most of us don’t. We need chic and attainable decor. We need our homes to look great while being practical for our lifestyles.

My mission is to help you decorate for the real world, with real world guidance.

Having lived in apartments since I first moved away from home, I’ve learned plenty of tricks for decorating in a rental space. I’ve learned how empowering it is to DIY something instead of buying it outright. I’ve also given secondhand items and furniture a new life with a variety of makeover methods.

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