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Angela Conley The Decor Guru Random Factoids

I claim Toledo, OH as my hometown since I’ve lived here most of my life (and still do!). #419love #Toledoproud

In addition to blogging and decorating, I’m also a freelance journalist. You can check out links to my published pieces and my non-decorating pieces at AngConley.com.

I love secondhand decor and furniture. There’s something fascinating about the character and history used pieces have. Reincarnating furniture is one of my favorite activities.

Movies are also a favorite pasttime. Each week I can be found at the video store or at the local theater.

I’ve only lived in apartments all of my life since I moved away from home. This has blessed me with loads of lessons for decorating in a rental.

I dig ironing. It’s a very calming activity.

Before I focused on decorating and DIY, I was a freelance artist, painting and selling watercolors.

I still create paintings, although now it’s for the purpose of decorating my home. Check out an example of this abstract art I made for my living room.

I have a weakness for popcorn, the color turquoise, and ska.

I have naturally curly hair, but you wouldn’t know it since I enlisted in the pixie army.

IKEA is my Swedish Holy Land. I really should own stock in their company considering how much money I’ve spent there.

I’m a colorholic.

My boyfriend and I call each other “old man”, “old lady,” “grandmaw,” and “grandpaw…” even though neither of us have kids or are elderly. We’re just edgy like that.

I’m a highly sensitive person and decorate accordingly.

I love when people give their pets human names. Do you have a dog named George? We must become friends.

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