Get Your Color On!

Get Your Color On! Purple

06/18/2014 // 11 Comments

Welcome to the latest edition of Get Your Color On!, my series that includes tips and examples in which you can decorate with a specific color. This month, I am featuring my [...]

Get Your Color On! Pink

03/18/2014 // 18 Comments

Come on, spring! If you’re in the Great Lakes area like myself, you’re also probably chomping at the bit for some spring weather. While we can’t change [...]

Get Your Color On! Orange

11/10/2013 // 11 Comments

Halloween has come and gone, but you can still enjoy decorating with orange around your home. Orange is a color that plays different roles outside of seasonal decor. Orange [...]

Get Your Color On! Red

09/23/2013 // 8 Comments

Here in the Great Lakes, September brings a sense of limbo with the weather and nature. There’s still a decent amount of daylight to enjoy, fruits and veggies are still [...]